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1895 Rand McNally Railroad Maps

3418 renovation

Albert A. Carroll house

Emmy Noether Theorem

Big Boy 4014 restoration

92nd Street Hill

Abandoned RR tracks

Air Zoo - October 22, 2013

Alan Turing

Akamai high speed Internet


All about RAID



Bardstown, KY 2011

Beattie-Baker reunion

Belknap history of Grand Rapids

Big Blow

Biofuels 2011

Biotech Foods 2014

Building the supergrid

1472 Day Boiler Inspection

Boston Storm 1977-8

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park - May 23, 2012

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park - Sept 24, 2013

Broadband utopia

Bull's Revenge

Buying and eating bison meat

Calculators 1976

Caltech Renewable Energy Program

George R. Lawrence camera Mammoth

Cannon SD550

Cat Evolution

Charles Babbage

Charlotte Dinner Train - July 16, 2011

Chat Group Rogue's Gallery

1967 Chevy SS

Civil War Railroads

Computer Control of Electric Power Systems - 1973

Computer History

Concrete Slab

Cooper's Hawk

Custom Puppy System

Da Vinci System - 2013

Dawn of the Computer Age


Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Dorr, MI

Durland, MI, Model RR Club

East Millstone, NJ, abandoned RR track

Electric Cars


Estate Sale 2013

Ethanol Scam

Exxon Shale Gas


Fall Leaves

February 2011 Snowstorm

Feeder Fauna

Feynman Obituary

Firefox Extensions

First Contact

Flower Box Removal

Fracking in 2011 in the US

Fracking Sand and Railroads - 2013

Foundations of Computing

Ford Museum 2011


Fuller Ave House

Gannon School

German Energy Program - 2012

Gilmore Car Museum

Larry Page on Google's future

Godfather of hybrid car technology

Google in 2013

GPS units - 2008

GR Old Gas Stations

GR Museum interior - 2014

GR birds eye maps - 2014

Great human migration

GR Linux Users Group

GR LUG meet March 5, 2005


Hartwick Pines

Howard Christensen Nature Center

Health lessons of the last 40 years.

Hexagon House - Pentwater, MI

Hodunk, MI, 1830's mill.

Jerry Homminga Paintings

1870's house at about 403 84th Street

How Europe Missed the Transistor

Human Ancestry 2013

Hybrid vehicles gaining traction

Iceland power

Iliana in Civic Play

IR and Planetary Temperatures

Ivory Billed woodkpecker

Jade Garden menu

JHS fall colors

Keith's place - September 4, 2011

Keith's place - October 24, 2011

Kline's cats

Language and thought

Laser Use in Archaeology

Lebanon, OH - March 21, 2012

Lester Brown

Linux in 2005



Mass of the Photon

J. C. Maxwell at Kings College

Cathryn McGahan

Medical Reform

Memory - long term

Memory Retention


MDZ's video clips

Michigan dams


MIT $100 laptop.

MIT class of 1967 45th reunion

Microcomputers - 1976

Munshaw house

Murray Hill Model RR Club.

Muskegon, MI, Museums.

New Buffalo, MI, Pere Market Rail Yard

NG and the US Economy.

Oil Imaging.

Oil Trains

Phineas Gage

Phone company behavior

Plaster Creek mansion

Portland Michigan

Powering the planet


PRR S2 Steam Turbine locomotive.

Puppy Linux

Rare Earth Crisis

Rawlings Farm

Reeds Lake

Renewable Energy

Roots and CO2

Rusch family visit - 2008

San Diego Zoo 2014

Scrabble dictionary

Scram Lake visit - 150923

Seafood resources

Senior Moment

Shanahan House

Sharyl - photos

The Slide Rule

The Smart Grid

Steam engines

Steam Fest 2009

Supersymmetry 2014

Tammy's Applesauce

2010 Texas Trip


The China Price

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Track Technology

Trains Versus Trucks

Transistor Pioneer

Tree Removal

True Colors


Type 2 Diabetes

UP trip

Ultimate White Light

Union Pacific Financials

Universal Handset

VC Tech Source

Voigt House


What is a species?

Wikipedia Issues

Why Math Works

Warren Dunes State Park

Warren Woods State Park

Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery

Wild Rice

Wind & Transmission line map - 2009

What is a University?