92nd Street Hill - September 4, 2011

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View of Grand Rapids from Mount Vista Road.
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Gardens by 1875 farm.
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Farm house, built in 1875.
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The house is in amazing condition.
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The farm house was built in 1875, and but for a couple of items in the yard, probably looks in the photos the way it did 136 years ago. It's been stunningly well preserved. The house has been owned by the current owners since 1973, and by the original family before that. The gardens are very well maintained. An enormous job, and apparently done by the owners.

92nd street has long been the location of radio towers because of it's unobstructed view of Grand Rapids and the surrounding area. The two houses one each side of the view are on lots where trees will not grow in time and obstruct the view, making those lots worth a big premium. The location of the houses is also roughly where the "lovers lane" of 50 and more years ago was located. I remember people talking about it in the early 1950s, and am sure it goes back even further than that. At the time it was just a dirt road going to an unused field, and the hill was mostly occupied by farms, if that.