Photographs of new house in Grand Rapids. Many images are about 200K bytes, and will take about a minute to download using a 28.8 dialup modem.

April 20, 2003.

  • Entire front of the house.
  • Left front of the house, showing den and unattached garage.
  • Right front of the house showing a magnolia tree starting to bloom.

    The cucumber magnolia is the only one of the six common types in the US that blooms as far north as Michigan. But it is said to have a greenish yellow flower, whereas the ones shown have a pinkish cast. So it's not clear at this time whether this is some kind of hybrid or just what.

  • Front yard looking north.
  • Part of the back of the house, and garage.

    An ice storm about a week before the photos were taken brought down a lot of branches in the neighborhood. Those shown have been collected for removal.

  • Back yard looking north.
  • Back yard looking south.

  • Partial view of kitchen, dining area, living room.
  • Kitchen, looking into den.
  • Part of the living room.
  • Basement kitchen area.
  • Basement den.

    May 22, 2003 - yard photos.

  • Front view.
  • Back yard - view looking east.
  • Back door and garage area.
  • Back yard - view looking south.

    June 14, 2003 - redone floors

  • Refinished hardwood floors - sample area.