Poseyville, Indiana, to Grayville, Illinois.

The line from Poseyville, IN, to Grayville, IL, shown in a MAP, was last operated by the Owensville Terminal, and was abandoned in 1997. After WWII the line was operated by the Illinois Central RR. ( Owensville Terminal operates a 4 to 5 mile line between Poseyville, IN, and Cynthiana, IN. ) The reason(s) why the track was abandoned are not known here, but seeing that the route parallels I-64 much of the way between Poseyville, IN, and Grayville, IL, it seems likely that the 1957 Nation Highway Act, which created the 41,000 mile interstate highway system, had much to do with it. The period following the construction of the highway system has been called the golden age of trucking. Built at taxpayer expense, the railroads could not maintain their own right of ways, plus other onerous regulations, and still compete with the trucking industry any longer. As a result, many railroad lines were abandoned, and in the early 1970s the railroad industry itself almost went under before less restrictive regulations were adopted, which allowed them to compete once more.

The bridges and other features of the roughly 16 miles of track bed are documented below. Notice how much the track and track bed have deteriorated in something like 5 years.