Tammy's Applesauce

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* Equal numbers of tart and sweet apples.
e.g,, spies and granny smith.

* Organic  brown cane suger, to taste.

* Nutmeg, to taste.

* Ginger, to taste.

* Cloves, to taste.

* Cinnamon, to taste.

For about 10 of each kind of apple, add about a cup of brown sugar,
a liberal amount of cinnamon, and sparing amounts of the others.  Add a small
amount of water to a pot full of peeled and cored apples. Slice the apples 
in to small pieces.  Better is to use an apple peeler and coring tool, which
costs about $15 to $20.

Once the juices start to bubble some, turn the apples frequently, bringing
up apples from the bottom. Once the apples are cooked down, the pot will appear
about half full.  Taste a few pieces of apple at this point, to make sure they
are cooked. The tart apples will be more firm. Add more sugar or other ingredients
to taste.

Turn off the flame (gas) or element (electric), and let cool. The applesauce is
then ready.