2266-2270: The road leading to Dallas, on the way down to Smithville, TX.

2274: The Katy House B&B.

2279-2283: Some of the Katy House railroad memorabilia.

2285, 2287, 2290: the caboose project.

2293-2300: the local RR museum.

2301-2310: the Union Pacific (UP) yard behind the railroad museum.

2311-2315: more local RR museum photos.

2326-2327: Mary Katheryn's restaurant - lunch only. chi-chi stuff for botique lovers.

2361-2374: Bob meets Bruce's 19,000 ton coal train in Muldoon, TX, and takes the controls.

2376-2377: "Buddy," the Katy House Corgy.

2400-2424: a visit to a ranch. Miniature donkeys and some now rare longhorns.

2425-2426: Tammy chugs two 24 ounce beers...

2458-2472: Bruce's rock train out of Smithville. 14,000 tons, 4 engines.

2473: Blalock Way, by Sherri's restaurant. A short walk from the Katy House B&B.

2475-2486: the weather on the trip back, and the Mississippi River Bridge. A huge tornado hit in Mississippi, about 50 to 75 miles from where we were.